Sunday, 27 March 2016

Weekly Zentangle Challenge - SCHWAY

Good morning friends

Today's share is my Zentangle Tile #50, which I made for the Weekly Zentangle Challenge. This week the challenge tangle is Schway.

I'm learning that I'm not drawn to geometric type patterns, but this one comes together in such a cool way I got excited about it. I have a graph paper notebook that I try out new tangles in, and yup - Schway looked great.

Then I added it to my tile and wondered where I went so terribly wrong. Ha - graph paper vs free hand straight lines is where I went wrong. But - there are no mistakes in Zentangle so I fiddled a bit and got a tile I could live with. :-)

I think I'd like to work a bit more with Schway, which surprises me - but there is something about the 'ah HAH' moment when you add the stroke that becomes an arrow that's appealing.

Tangles used:

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