Sunday, 10 April 2016

Zentangle Tiles #55 & 56

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Here are my tiles for Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing Challenge #139. The string is cool, and the challenge tangles are: B-Twixt, Tagh, and Chillon.  All three were new to me. I hadn't really tried Chillon as it seemed so much like Bales ... but I can see that it's going to be fun!

B-Twixt was also new - and I enjoyed it. I love that a simple triangle can turn out so dramatic with a few pen strokes. Then there is Tagh. I didn't like the test tangle in my notebook and wasn't sure I could get it to work well enough for the challenge. And I knew I didn't want to add it into the big loop. So I added single petals into Chillon and ended up quite liking it! So then I added three petals to the larger, background chill on and liked that too. When I started shading, the big loop reminded me of a pineapple so that is how I shaded it and rotated the tile.

The string was still calling to me and I wanted to try Tagh the way it's supposed to go. I think the tile would have been better had I done something different with B-Twixt or left it off all together. But I finally had a Tagh I was happy with!

Tangles used:
String #139 from It's A String Thing by Adele Bruno

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