Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Zentangle Tile #62

Hello friends

While Olivia was in Edmonton for testing last week, we looked after her brothers aged two and three. It was B*U*S*Y!  One afternoon I suggested we sit and colour and I thought I'd have another go at Quib. Ha! Trying to draw on a tile with two wiggly boys bumping it wasn't exactly 'zen'.

I may try another version of this another time - it started out the way I visioned it in my head but after about 30 seconds there was a kick on the table and the boys needed to switch out who was using the markers and who had the crayons. Plus, little Zachary kept saying 'Mama' then showing me his picture. So sweet.

I finished the tile off this weekend, deciding to leave it minimal. It will bring back memories of our Grandson's every time I see it.

Tangles used:

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