Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Zentangle Tile #68

Hello friends

Yes, it's my second post today, but I wanted to get this tile done and in for the challenges. :-)

My Zentangle tile #68  actually works for three different challenges! The Weekly Zentangle Tangle Video on Facebook with the focus tangle CHARD, the Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook group with the focus tangle Fugu, and the Diva's Weekly Challenge #268 to use more black than usual. Wow!

Fugu is a new to me tangle, but I can see all kinds of fun ways to use it. The talented tangles on the FB groups are really putting it through it's paces too and it's all very inspiring. Chard is another tangle that really lends itself to shading options, so fun. Pokeroot has been appearing in my tiles and my Tangle A Day Calendar lately. I'm trying to become more familiar with this tangle. Here, I've used it larger than ever before.

Tangles used:
Poke root

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  1. Way to multitask! I really like your little islands of fugu.

  2. Great tile, clever to fit three challenges into one

  3. Love that you worked three challenges into one tile. Beautiful!

  4. I like this uncomplicated but very nice tile with beautiful black accents!

  5. The black background to Pookeroot is so dramatic! And to let the black continue into Fugu! Great tile!

  6. I like the playfulness of this tile.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and imaginative tile!

  8. Your tile is really beautiful!