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Tangle a Day Calendar 2016, February 10th, 11th & 12th

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Today's share is another page of my Tangle A Day Calendar by Carol Ohl. I got part-way through May and haven't had hardly any playtime since. Not even for my cards ... although I have had to get busy on that front because of occasions coming up that will require cards. And I do love making cards for my friends and family. (Blog - )

I impose these weird rules on myself ... one is that I won't take photos of my Tangle A Day Calendar until I've completed the entire month. Thankfully February is finished and photographed so I am able to share those photos with you.

March is also done, and I hope to get that photographed later in the week. Meanwhile, I am very happy with this page. Voga ... I could just sit and draw Voga over and over again. Then you add that touch of shading and ... poof. So many of Carol Ohl's tangles are like that. I call them pure magic.

I had purchased a set of divided page protectors for a binder, and have slipped all my Zentangle tiles into that. It's fun to flip through and look at them - and I also like to share them so it makes it easier to flip through and choose a tile to gift to someone.

Funny thing happened in early April. While flipping through the pages I noticed several of my challenge tiles are ones that I am not overly happy with, and certainly not ones I'd want to gift. That realization has kept me from participating in challenges just to participate. I certainly understand the purpose of a challenge is to CHALLENGE you ... but if I don't 'feel' it, then the challenge doesn't give me joy to create nor leave me with a tile I'm proud of - and that's not very ZEN.

I also had this self-imposed rule to participate in challenges every week, once I had started to participate in that group. I wanted to become more familiar with the participants and their work, to support the hostess, and be able to put names to styles. However once I gave myself permission to participate because I WANTED to, I felt happier and more excited to see what the different challenges are. I'm also much happier with my completed challenge tiles.  There have been a few recent challenges that did not appeal to me in the least, and a couple that when I view the challenge tiles I'm happy I didn't attempt to join in. So, note to self ... stop making up rules and just enjoy.

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