Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tangle Me This Sketchbook

Good morning friends

Aheesha Sativa had a draw on Face Book for one of her wonderful Zentangle Sketchbooks - Tangle Me This. I was the LUCKY name chosen ... and my sketchbook arrived yesterday. I immediately took a couple of pictures to share with you.

Aleesha wanted to surprise me with the interior colour and I have to say the lavender is just lovely. The paper is also a very nice quality - I can't wait to start to draw on it. There are thin paper leaves in between each of the printed tile lavender pages and each of those are a different colour so the book 'reads' more colourful than lavender. These leaves help keep the graphite shading from smudging the facing pages, but could also be used for journaling or note keeping.

Below you can see how there is a printed tile (3-1/2" square) and two smaller Bijou tiles (2"). Would you believe I have never done a Bijou tile? This could be FUN!!! The yellow fly leaf is curved over so you can see both pages ... normally it lays flat.

THANK YOU Aleesha - I am going to enjoy using my sketchbook for sure!

Note - you can find these books at Aleesha's Etsy store HERE as well as a video showing her artwork in her own sketchbook.

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