Friday, 17 June 2016

Zentangle Tile #75

Good morning friends

The Diva has a new challenge this week ... Weekly Challenge #271. She used a technique called 'Hefty Hack' to add colour to her tile before starting to tangle. Being a card maker however, I used a technique we stampers been doing for ages - and I simply added colour to my acrylic block with dye inks and spritzed it with water before pressing it onto the tile.

I did use official Zentangle tiles, because they are made of such beautiful paper. And they took the water really well! I even tried pressing two tiles together face to face when one tile ended up more than a little wet. Worked like a charm. I used my heat gun to dry the tiles.

Colour! I can't believe I am going to try Zentangle on a coloured tile! I was on a bit of a roll and ended up adding colour to 9 tiles and two official ATC's. They turned out so pretty!

Have to say though, I am not emotionally ready for the challenge "Beads of Courage" so instead I worked with the colours Laura provided. I thought I might do a BEad INSPIRED  tile later in the week, but have decided to take the high road and leave it be. Thus my Zentangle tile #75 will be for the Diva's challenge this week.

It was a lot of fun doing a tile on a coloured background - and I will enjoy using the rest of my coloured pieces too. I chose the most subdued one of the bunch for my first attempt (2nd from the top right)

Tangles used:
Rundl variations
Adante variations

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  1. I find that adding patterns can tone down quite bright colours . Your colour choices here are lovely and I like your finished tile very much.

  2. I love love love using colour with tangles. Just love it. You did a GREAT job!

  3. Wonderful colors! Your tile is so Beautiful!