Friday, 29 July 2016

Zentangle Tile #84

Good morning friends

Today's share is a tile I gave to a friend who recently had here 51st (!!!) surgery. She is sporting a brand new knee and recovering fabulously. I popped by for a quick visit and brought her a hand made card as well as this tile.

When she had her other knee replaced back in December, I had mentioned Zentangle to her as she is a go-getter and having to rest and recover would be difficult for her. I believe she did dabble in it, but found her zen in colouring. At any rate, I knew she would understand what this drawing was and have an appreciation for it.

As I said to her, there are a few oopses from elbow bumps and turbulence as I drew this on the flight down to Arizona. But there are no mistakes in Zentangle, right?

Tangles used:
Crescent Moon

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