Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Diva's Challenge "Spill It"

Good morning friends

Today I have a tile to share for the Diva Challenge #282. While Laura used beet juice for her spill - which tuned out fabulous - I have about zero energy and the most I could come up with was yesterday's coffee for my spill. The only reason I had leftover coffee at all, is that I made a big pot for the friends who were helping us move our belongings out of our mountain cabin yesterday. Otherwise I'm sure I would have to pass on this one.

I think it looks pretty the way it is, and I know I will want to do this again. Just the look of the different shapes was inspiring to me.

I  don't usually have a pre-conceived notion of what I'm going to do when I start a Zentangle tile and this was no exception. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I especially like Trelina, Eni Oken's newest Tangle.

The tenants get the keys tomorrow, and while I have so many boxes and bags to unpack and go through the pressure will be off. Packing up a house in 3 weeks makes for a CRAZY three weeks, and the stress is doing a number on my RA. Taking some tangling time is helping for sure.


Tangles used:

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  1. A beautiful result with well chose tangles, I love it!

  2. You managed to get some depth of color with your coffee that I just couldn't get. Maybe being a day old helps LOL! Very nice choices of tangles on this great tile!

  3. Kind of like the Beatles said "Let it Be". Beautiful tangles, blessed by the stain.

  4. Left over coffee served you well:) The Trelina is especially beautiful, I love how all the tangles unfold. The tile reminds me of silver jewelry, I think because your shading is so wonderful:)

  5. This is a gorgeous tile!!! Succes with the unpacking!

  6. This is just wonderful, I love the movement and your fabulous line work. Nice job.

  7. A lovely contribution! Trelina really is everywhere right now, but I totally understand why: It's a wonderful tangle! I also like Paizel as a background to everything. :-)