Thursday, 18 August 2016

Zentangle Tile #91

Hello friends

It was good to get some Zentangle time in this week. With RA you have very limited energy, and what I do have has been spent on doing our Year End (ug) and packing. Because of RA, I can no longer enjoy our cabin in the mountains and we had an opportunity to rent it out for a year. With like 3 weeks notice. We were hoping they would take it fully furnished but they have two cats and were concerned with the leather items. So we will be moving about 1/3 of the furniture and ALL of our personal belongings.

I'm not a lot of help, I'm afraid ... but I can go for 5 minutes, then rest for 15 then go again. So at least I feel like I'm contributing. Hubby is running around doing the work of 3 people. I love that man.

Since I need the downtime, I wanted to participate in Adele Bruno's It's A String Thing Challenge #158.   

While Drogon isn't completely new to me, I haven't used it on a tile before. Then we were to use our 'mac and cheese' tangles ... our 'go to' tangles. I couldn't think of any other than Flux! However, I did add a few tangles that I have been seeing around and completed the tile with the challenge string. Ha - the string disappeared which is always fun in the end. There is a pretty big OOPS with Drogon but I'm ignoring it.  :-)

Tangles used:
Drogon - Lily Moon
Abeko - Lynn Mead
Revolution - Sandra Chatelain
Flux -
Crazy Huggins -
Black Pearls -

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