Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Zentangle Tile #106

Hello friends

Today I'd like to share my Zentangle Tile #106. I had flown back to Calgary to sit with my Dad while he was in Palliative Care and Zentangle was very soothing to me. I would draw and chat to my Dad at the same time. He wasn't responsive, but I'm sure he could hear me.

There were a couple of new tangles I wanted to try out (Spoon Flowers is one of them) - and it's all very random on the string. Just like my chatting with Dad, which was also very random.

Tangles used:
Spoon Flowers
Banana Braid
Crescent Moon
Aura's or Echo Lines. Some CZT's call them one thing - other's call them the other. Then there are people who add a couple of Auras/Echo lines and re-name the tangle as a totally new one.

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